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Here you can find the answers to some common questions we're asked

Q: So what is a party photo booth?

A: I'm sure you remember as a child going into Woolworths on a Saturday morning with your friends and getting some snaps done in their passport kiosk, then waiting for what seemed like an hour for your photos to come out. Well remember how much fun you had in that photobooth and multiply it by 100! At myPhotoBooth we aim to make that experience as fun as possible. Our, all inclusive, photo booth hire service consists of a state of the art booth large enough to fit up to 6 people in (we have tried 12 but it does get a bit squashed!), we use advanced touch screen technology and professional camera and lighting equipment. And, of course, you are welcome to make use of the wigs, glasses and hats in our props box. Once all of the photos have been taken, they are printed out within about 20 seconds using our lab grade printer, waterproof, fingerprint proof and dry to the touch so that your guests can take them away immediately!

Q: What kind of events do you attend?

A: We aim to provide our photo booth for weddings, birthdays, corporate parties and product launches, marketing and social events - in fact, pretty much any type of social event you can think of. We are more than happy to attend bar & bat mitzvahs and religious ceremonies. We aim to be considerate to variations in culture and religion and we will be happy to try and accommodate any requests.

Q: How much does it cost to hire a photo booth?

A: Ah! The big question! Our photo booth hire is all inclusive** and costs £595.00. Which means you won't find your budget taken up by things that should be included as standard like some places. You can find a list of all of the features and benefits that are included on our packages page. But do keep an eye out as we often have special deals and promotions going on, so it is always worth sending us an email or giving us a call to see what we can do for you.

Q: How does a photo booth work?

A: We have made the booth as simple to use as possible because, let's face it, after a few drinks there aren't many of us in a fit state to operate all kinds of buttons and knobs. Once we're set up and ready to go, your guests enter the photo booth, either on their own or in a group, and take a seat in front of the camera. Below the camera is a large touch screen monitor with on screen instructions. Your guests tap the screen and the booth will countdown from 3,2,1...and take the photo. It will take 4 photos in total - don't worry, there is a pause between each shot so you can move around or change hats and see how you looked in the previous photo.

Once the photo's have been taken the print will come out in around 20 seconds in one of many pre-arranged layouts. For weddings we print 2 copies of each sitting, one for your guest to take away with them and one that we put into a guestbook where we encourage your guests to leave a congratulatory message. For corporate and other events we can offer on screen choices of style as well as duplicates and other features to enhance your brand.

Q: Do my guests have to pay to use the booth?

A: No! Absolutely not. Our photo booth rental is all inclusive* which includes unlimited free photographs throughout the duration of the hire. We are able to offer duplicates of the DVD that we send to you containing all of the photographs of the night, but this is at the discretion of the event host.

Q: What is included in the photo booth hire cost?

A: We aim to provide an all inclusive package so that you don't have to worry about any little extras or things not being provided on the night. As standard we include unlimited use with all photos free throughout the duration of the hire. The props box, duplicate prints, photo guest book for weddings/birthdays, booth attendants, upload to our online gallery ready for your friends to tag on facebook, choice of layout. We will also provide you with a custom printed DVD of all of the individual photos and strips from the night so that you can print them off at your leisure. The travel*, setup and takedown of the booth are also all included in the cost of the hire.

We also offer a number of optional additions to enhance your party such as keyrings, additional hours use, custom branding etc.

Q: Do you charge for mileage?

A: If your event is within 100 miles of Hereford, then all of the travel is included. For events over 100 miles there is a small surcharge to cover the extra fuel. You can find out how far away your venue is using the form below.

Enter the location/postcode of your event to find out

Q: Where do you travel to?

A: Based in Hereford & Worcester, we have a wide area of coverage across England & Wales. Within 100 miles of Hereford all travel is included in the package; this includes the major cities like Cardiff, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Oxford, Coventry, Swansea, Gloucester, Cheltenham and Chester. To give you an idea of distance; Worcester in the West Midlands to the seaside town of Aberystwyth on the West coast of Wales is only 95 miles. Over 100 miles from Hereford there is a small surcharge for fuel.

We are happy to take on special requests for locations outside of our usual area, such as Scotland, the Isle of Man, Jersey or France. However, please bear in mind that such locations will incur additional charges.

Q: How much space do you need?

A: The photo booth itself is approximately 7ft long by 7ft tall by 4ft wide. We would need a little more room to manoeuvre and setup the booth. Additionally, we would require enough space to utilise a small table for your guest book or promotional material. The booth has entrances on both sides so is able to be situated against a wall or in a corner. Please bear in mind any health and safety issues with people crowding around the booth. Likewise, the closer the access to the venue entrance we are able to utilise the faster we can unpack and setup without disturbing your guests. Our booth comes down into a number of pieces for transportation, the longest of which is a 7ft metal frame as such a suitable route to the event room is required.

Q: What do you need at the venue?

A: We will require one mains socket close to the booth or appropriate extension in line with the venues health & safety policy and one small table for the guest book or promotional material. A point of contact at the venue is also useful for us to liaise with.

Q: How long does the booth take to setup?

A: The photo booth generally takes about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours to setup completely depending on location, access and staff. We are more than happy to discuss idle time, so if you need the booth set up before your guests arrive, maybe 5pm, ready to run from 7-10pm then that isn't a problem. Please note there may be a small charge for idle time.

Q: Do you stay with the booth for the duration?

A: We provide 1 - 2 booth attendants to stay with the booth throughout the duration of the your hire to help keep things running smoothly. Often we will utilise one member of staff to aid the guests and one member of staff to man the guest book if present. For company events or very long durations it is possible to leave the booth unattended dependant on a number of circumstances.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Absolutely! We have public liability and indemnity insurance. All of our electrical equipment has been PAT tested to conform to EU safety regulations.

Q: How long do the prints take to come out?

A: We use a lab grade printer that produces touch dry prints within about 20 seconds.

Q: Q: How many people can fit in the booth?

A: Depending on the build, we recommend no more than 4-6 people in at any one time. Whilst it is possible to get up to 12 people into the booth, not every face can be seen - particularly amongst an array of hats and wigs!

Q: How long does the photo booth hire last?

A: The standard photo booth rental duration is 3 hours. The 3 hours includes unlimited use - so your guests can return as many times as they wish - and starts at the pre-arranged time. We will not charge you for time setting up or deduct it from your hire.

You are, of course, welcome to add additional hours to your hire. Please Contact Us for more information.

Q: Do you supply a props box? and what's in it?

A: Yes we do! Use of our props box is included in the package so you won't have to pay extra like with some companies. In our box, we have a little bit of everything - some wigs, glasses, feather boas, many different hats and even a couple of inflatable animals! There is also the possibility of adding custom items if your party is themed.

Q: Do we get a copy of the photos?

A: Yes! Absolutely. We will supply you with a custom printed DVD of each session/strip as well as a high resolution copy of each individual photo. Which means that if there's a picture that your particularly like, you are free to have it printed off at a larger size to and even frame as a memento of your special day. A little known fact; the person who takes a photo automatically owns the copyright to it! But don't worry, whilst we may own the copyright we will give you a lifetime, unlimited licence to print, copy and upload them to the Internet. After all - they are your photos! This makes them great to use for Christmas, birthday or thank you cards or use as your facebook profile picture.

Q: How much deposit do I need to secure a booking?

A: We ask for a deposit of £100 to secure a booking. You can book as far in advance as you wish, but please note that cancellations and refunds are dealt with per basis. You are able to pay a deposit via cheque, cash or bank transfer.

Q: Sounds great, how do I rent a photo booth?

A: First thing to do is give us a call on 07582 598 558 or send us an email with the date of your event to see if we are available and we can take it from there!

* Standard Package price may not include Christmas and New Years periods. Pleas get in touch for a quote

** While the booth hire package is all inclusive, there maybe a small surcharge for fuel for bookings at distances over 100 miles of HR4 9AR. Please see Do You Charge for Mileage?

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